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18 Sep 2015

Indian culture is known for its pious beauty and when it comes to increasing beauty, Indian wear plays an important role. It is unique, beautiful, dazzling and what more. From ancient times to now, Indian wear has tremendous impact on fashion and it becomes complete when we wear Indian jewellery with it. Indian jewellery creates a beautiful sensation of elegance and style. Be it any wedding ceremony or a baby shower or any festival, every occasion has its own set of jewellery.

There are various types of jewellery in India. Antique jewellery, bead jewellery, bridal jewellery, handmade jewellery, Kundan jewellery etc. Each type has its own significance depending on the occasion. In India beauty oneself is a tradition and it can only be followed by wearing jewellery.

Fancy jewellery in India is a boom today and it is seen that everyone has started following it. Jewellery has its own significance as it symbolize status and wealth. There are different type of jewellery in different states which show a part of their cultural trend. In Rajasthan wearing silver jewellery has been a ritual for a long time. In North East India, traditional jewelleries include earrings of Lokaparo, keru thuriya etc. Whereas in Maharastra beads are often used in making jewellery. Although there are different set of jewelleries worn in different states, there are also some common jewelleries such as bridal jewelleries which is worn by brides in common. You can get to know about the sellers of gold as well as artificial jewelleries here with their contact details and addresses.

Jewellery is the vital part of Indian Fashion. Jewellery and Indian women are completing each other on every occasion. Every type of dresses, whether it is Saari, suits, Indo-western or western, has jewellery which is best suited to them so as to add on to the looks of the wearer. It is necessary to complete your dressing by wearing appropriate jewellery that goes best with the outfit you are wearing. In ancient times, men also used to wear jewellery but with the passage of time fashion of jewelry faded away. Today men wear jewelry such as earrings or bracelet that changes with the change in time, trend and fashion. Wearing jewellery not only means to beautify oneself, but to show our culture and trends that we follow. Jewellery can be heavy or simple depending on the occasion. There can be various reasons to wear a jewellery- to symbolize your status, to make a bond in the form of a ring which is mostly a tradition at times of engagements, to display artists' creativity, to display a form of affection, to provide a part of our trends or the culture we follow or to have a own meaning such as for luck. Sometimes to make yourself stand out in a crowd. No matter what the reason is, wearing jewellery is excruciatingly beautiful in itself.

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